Who Does Ductwork Cleaning and Replacement

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Ventilation system is a significant part of every property. Thus, it should be in proper condition. However, there are some conditions where the ductwork in bad shape and you may wonder who does ductwork cleaning and replacement to manage this problem.

HVAC Professionals for Ductwork Cleaning

The ones handling ductwork cleaning are the HVAC services professionals. They have special skills to do routine inspection on the air conditioning unit, ventilation and heating which includes the ductwork. By calling in the professionals, you can keep the ductwork clean and in good condition so its life can be extended. As a result, it saves your money and provides good air circulation throughout your house.

Qualities of Professional Services

As a customer, it is necessary for you to find the best professionals. Regardless of numerous choices of professionals doing the ductwork cleaning and replacement, some services are actually scams and those are the ones you should avoid in the first place. Learn the qualities of professional services that help you to clean, replace and repair the ductwork.

  • Certifications

This is the first quality you should look for in HVAC professional service. The service company should have the NADCA certification or National Air Duct Cleaners Association. NADCA is the one responsible for setting standards used in HVAC system cleaning. If the company claim they receive EPA certification, forget about it because EPA is not responsible for issuing certification. Check for other legit licenses as well.

  • References

Ask for references in your area and call some of them to do checking. Ask them how they felt about the services and whether or not they are satisfied. If they report problem or issue, dig in to know the details so you can avoid the same issue.

  • Full Service

Even if what you look for is duct cleaning service, full cleaning service is always a better offer so the entire cooling/heating unit will go through inspection.

  • Estimates

Do comparison of estimates from several HVAC cleaning services. You should get the estimates for free if whom you call in is really a professional service. If not, you’d better find other services around in the area.

  • Check Standards

All quality HVAC professional services should follow the NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturer Association) guidelines. If they don’t, you should question their credibility.

As you have made the decision and the professional service company does the work, make sure to ask them to verify the results through complete visual inspection of ductwork and the HVAC system by remote camera or in person.