Who Cleans Ductwork and When To Call Professional

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As homeowners, at some point you may realize how dirty or how bad the condition of your ductwork is. And you may be wondering who cleans ductwork because you cannot handle it yourself. Well, the professional is always ready to take care of it.

Professional HVAC Duct Cleaning Services

Poor indoor air quality is one of the sign of problem in the ventilation system. In many cases, it is caused by problem in the ductwork. It may be in poor condition due to pollutants. If this condition happens under your roof, calling the professional duct cleaning service is the best decision. It is a decision that gives you peace of mind.

The professionals are capable to provide many benefits. For instance, they help restoring the peak energy efficiency, reducing the potential growth of mold inside the house that may damage the interior and cause health problems, and eliminating the offensive odors.

How Duct Cleaning Professionals Work

To clean the ductwork, the duct cleaning professionals use various tools like brushes, vacuums and specialized blowers. Not only do they clean the supply but also the return and intake ducts throughout the house. And, the cleaning process also involves cleaning of other parts of the HVAC system including the coils, housings, motors, fans, grilles, registers and handlers. The evidence shows that regular ductwork cleaning make the HVAV system more efficient and thus it contributes to better air quality and lower utility bills.

When To Call Professionals

If you have never cleaned the ductwork before, you may be wondering when you should call in the professionals to do the cleaning. Well, learn these conditions that require ductwork cleaning.

  • Animal

Ductwork should be free of any animal nesting or infestation. But when it happens, the professionals will help you to clean and remove any of it from the ductwork.

  • Contaminants

Ductwork cleaning is necessary when you notice any contaminants being released through the ducts into the room like odors, pet hair and other noticeable debris.

  • Home Renovation

Following home remodeling, a ductwork cleaning is a good decision especially if the remodeling leads to significant dust and involves paint removal or asbestos abatement. The cleaning gets even more significant if you forget to seal off the ductwork during renovation. It is big possibility the debris and dugs lodged inside.

  • Mold

Mold can grow inside the ductwork and it’s never a good sign. Make sure to rest assure the cleaning job to professionals.