When to Replace Ductwork Units

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Having the ductwork working properly is important to make sure the air circulation inside your house or apartment is in good condition. Often, people don’t realize their ductwork is actually not in good condition. So, learn to know when to replace ductwork.

Signs to Replace Ductwork

  1. Old Ductwork

Typical ductwork may only last in good condition within 10 to 15 years. If it is longer than that, it is high possibility the ductwork has some issues like collapsed sections, gaps, pets and more else. Regardless of the brand, almost any ductworks can only last in their proper condition within those years. In fact, some ductwork may last shorter. Therefore, if your ductwork has passed that period of time, make sure to do checking in case some needs to be repaired.

  1. High Utility Bills

High utility bill is one of the signs there of leaking in the ductwork that causes energy losing. This unusual high bill should get you to be curious and check for any problem. To make sure of it, call HVAC professional to do the blower door test in case some problems arise. This test requires only a few hours to complete so it should not disturb your day. Sealing the ductwork can already be enough in case of small leaking so you don’t have to do replacement. However, if the leaks are severe, ask the professional to do repair or maybe replacement.

  1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Some of you may not notice that poor indoor air quality is one of the signs of damaged ductwork needs to be replaced. Holes or gaps in the ductwork cause various pollutants like pollen and dust to bypass the system air filter before it finally circulates through the home. As a result, it causes asthma and allergies symptoms. In severe cases, it even causes other health problems like irritated eyes and stuffy nose. It also causes damages to the interior as the mold grows underneath the wallpaper or in the insulation.

  1. Grey Ductwork

When the ductwork changes in color, it actually is sign of it needs to be replaced. Usually, it also cracks open and becomes brittle. So, when you notice this sign appears, it’s better to do replacement.

With those 4 typical signs of ductwork replacement, you should be more aware as the homeowners. Even the tiniest changes can be sign of big problem happening under your roof.