How Often Should Ductwork Be Cleaned: Get to Know It

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As a part of maintenance, a duct tool should be cleaned regularly. How often should ductwork be cleaned so it will be more durable and can work properly for you ?

When to Clean Ductwork

How often you need to clean up your air duct will be actually influenced by some factors include the place where you live and whether there is a pet animal in your house or not. You are suggested to clean your ductwork when:

  1. Suspecting the existence of mold in the duct.
  2. There is some “poof” dust comes out with cooled air exits form the vents.
  3. You find vermin infestation around your house.
  4. You notice rodents or insects come into the duct.
  5. There is an active smoker come into your house.
  6. There is a member of your family with allergy live in your house.
  7. After you build a new home.
  8. If you have pets in your home.
  9. You just move into a resale house without any information about the previous owner has been clean the ductwork in the last three years.
  10. After finishing a remodeling project of house.

How to Keep Your Ductwork Clean

Maintaining and cleaning duct between an old and new home is absolutely different. Newer system of duct is usually also used in new home. This kind of duct doesn’t need much maintenance as the older system does. This is because the newer system of duct generally applies air filters that can automatically filter any unexpected object to enter the air circulation system. Thus, regular cleaning might not be needed. But, for older homes with older duct system, the regular cleaning is absolutely needed. This is because the older system usually produces dust that makes the duct dirty and can’t run smoothly.  A professional cleaning might be needed for such case to make sure that the device can run with optimum standard. HVAC professional services will be needed for every professional cleaning. The services will include the return and supply for air ducts, grilles, diffusers, coils, exchangers, drip pans, air conditioning vents, and fans. All the services are aimed to eliminate mold, dust, and pollen. In average people should pay for about $336 for the services.  But mostly, the homeowner only needs to pay between $242 up to $343. But, actually you can keep your ductwork system clean themselves by doing good habits such as changing the filter regularly.