How Much to Replace Ductwork: Estimation Cost

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Replacing a ductwork is absolutely different from installing the brand new one. Replacing the old duct is commonly cheaper. Well, how much you will need to replace your old ductwork ?

How Much You Need to Replace Ductwork

Every tool will need some replacement after being used for some time. For some cases, the replacement will require lower cost than installing the one. For duct system, replacing the tool is much cheaper than installing brand new product. So, how much to replace ductwork? For a single replacement of duct you will need about $35 up to $55 in average per linear foot. Just compare it with installing the new one that will cost about $3.000 up to $5.000 at the lowest. Meanwhile, the installation will cost for about $10.000 or more if the house size is large. But the cost you should pay for the replacement will be varying due to some factors. An old house with lots of damage on the duct system might need higher cost for replacement since the problems are usually more complicated. The level damage of the duct will also contribute on the cost you should spend. The other factors that also determine the high cost of replacement are number of vents needed, accessibility, specific temperature zone, and the size of your house.

Reasons for Replacement

There are some common reasons why people need to replace the duct system applied in their house. Most of time, the duct problems occur are the light ones, the replacement is not needed. For some problems such as leakage and holes exist in duct, light repairs are quite sufficient. If the damaged parts of the duct are easy to access it will be better for you to repair than replace it. For minor leakage or holes occur, you can seal them with mastic. You can also use self – tapping screw and scrap sheet metal to cover the holes. But if the damaged parts are difficult to access, then a replacement will be needed. The replacement will be also needed if the problem areas are numerous and too complicated. Replacement is often needed for old houses in which the duct system used is more prone to broken. There are some parts of duct that usually need to be upgraded or replaced such as  heating source (e.g. electric furnace, gas furnace, and hydronic coil), heat pump and air handling unit (e.g. blower, fan, air handler)