How Much to Redo Ductwork

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How much to redo ductwork? As homeowner, this question will pop out in your mind at some point when you notice the ductwork is no longer in proper condition. Don’t worry, it is a typical issue happening every house.

Varying Cost of Ductwork Redo

In case you are not familiar with ductwork redo, it actually refers to repair of the ductwork unit following issues like leaking or contamination. As branching network of tubes located inside the ceilings, floors or walls, ductwork holds important role to maintain good air quality. It should be operating efficiently all the time. To make sure of it, it has to be in the size that matches air conditioner and heater.

  • DIY Ductwork Installation

If you consider yourself capable of replacing or installing the duct unit, you can definitely save a lot of money. For the installation, it is a must for you to follow the local building costs. And, the seams and connections have to be all sealed without any leakage. When you decide to do this, the cost can be as low as $100 to $2000. You need to pay only for the materials. The length of DIY installation can be as short as two days in the weekend. So, there is no need for you to ask for days off.

  • Replacement for Inadequate, Leaking or Aging Ductwork

What’s been typical is leaking, aging or inadequate ductwork inside the house. This type of condition requires replacement service which may cost from $35 to $55 per linear foot that includes the cost of materials and labors. In total, it may cost around $1000 to $5000 for single family home. The cost is pretty much determined by type and length of ducts, the difficulty of the installation and the linear ductwork footage.

  • New Ductwork Installation

In certain buildings, be it house or apartment, ductwork has not existed before. If you plan to move in to such building, the cost of new ductwork installation is definitely higher than replacement cost. In average, the national cost of new installation is from $5000 to $15000 and even more. The cost can be too high to bear for some homeowners that they decide to install ductless air conditioner or mini split heat pump without ductless.

Additional Costs

In any ductwork redo, there are always additional costs you need to pay. For instance, cost for permit according to the local planning department. The permit fee is from $10 to $100 depending on the project size and location.