How Much Does Ductwork Cleaning Cost for Residential and Commercial

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How much does ductwork cleaning cost? A typical question from a homeowner dealing with ductwork problem. The national average of ductwork cleaning cost is $352 but the range in average spans from $265 to $471.

Main Factors of Cleaning Cost

Cleaning cost should not make you feel hesitate calling in the professional because regular vents and duct cleaning increases energy efficiency and helps the airflow. The benefits are definitely worth considering especially if you and other family members are sensitive to allergens.

In average, the professionals assess the cleaning cost based on three main factors including:

  • Ductwork size
  • How bad is the contamination
  • Access to the parts of ductwork system

Small ductwork with mild contamination and easy access costs less than bigger ductwork with severe contamination and harder access. Let the company assess the condition and hear the result of how much you should pay for the cleaning.

Commercial vs Residential Ductwork

If you have a residential ductwork, you will typically be paying less than those having commercial ductwork. The main reason is the size. Residential air ducts are smaller and less extensive compared to those of commercial air ducts. In average, the cost of residential ductwork cleaning is from $20 to $30 per vent while the commercial ductwork cleaning is from $35 to $50 per hour.

Mildew and Mold Removal

As explained earlier, the level of contamination pretty much determines the cleaning cost. Usually, the cost is from $0.07 to $0.08/square foot for mildew removal. If there is no mildew or mold, the cleaning cost will definitely be much lower. Mildew removal is more costly because it requires special chemicals and equipment. In fact, it also needs additional time for the completion.

Ductwork Design

Some ductwork units come with custom design. They are usually found in commercial buildings. They definitely are different to average ductwork units in residential buildings which come with easy to figure out design. Unfortunately, the custom designed ductwork is identical with higher cleaning cost. It is normal because the cleaning often requires more effort and time. Therefore, you should not be surprised with this fact.

Additional Cost

There may be additional costs if you decide to do some extra cleaning. For instance, the dryer vent cleaning may cost you $130 on average. The furnace cleaning cost varies from $9 to $45 according to the location.

Suppose you have called in the professionals, make sure to ask for estimates following inspection before the work begins.