How Ductwork Works

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Ductwork is an essential part of every house because it is in charge of heating and cooling system. Let’s find out how the system works and how to keep it work properly.

How Ductwork System Works

Duct system consists of collection of tubes which are responsible to distribute heated and cool air throughout all parts of the house. There are two shapes of tubes used in duct system, round and rectangular. The tubes are usually made of fiberglass, sheet metal and also plastic and wire composite.

Every duct system has two main air transfer systems—the input and output. The system will suck air from the house and then sent into the heater or air conditioner. Once the air has been heated or cooled, the same volume of air will be sent back to the house through the output system.

How to Ensure Duct System Working Properly

Since the quality of air inside the house will be determined by the quality of the ductwork, it is very important to ensure that the duct system works properly. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your duct system is in the best condition.

  • Proper Installation

To make sure the duct system will work perfectly, properly designed and installed system is a must. If the design and installation is faulty since the beginning, the system will not be able to heat and cool your house properly. So, it is very important to hire professionals to do the designing and installation to prevent inadequate ductwork and any other problems.

In addition, conducting duct leakage testing after installation is also very important. This test is conducted to find and document any leakage in the duct system so that necessary measures can be taken immediately. Even without leakage, air duct systems usually lose around 25% of air volume and energy when it goes through the output system. If there is any leakage, the number can grow higher and it will be reflected in your increasing utility bill. So, making sure that the duct system is designed and installed right is crucial.

  • Regular Inspection

Regular ductwork inspection is also important, especially to keep the duct clean. Dirty air ducts will bring dust dirt and other pollutants inside your home. Therefore, don’t forget to conduct regular air duct inspection to prevent contaminants from polluting your indoor air. Regular inspection is also beneficial to detect possible leakages and other air duct damages.