Ductwork Sealant

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DUCTWORK is a system of ducts generally found in both air conditioning and heating systems. These ducts are used to tightly enclose airflow forced right through the cooling or heating system by its blower motor. The air is sucked into the system and exits the duct through the vent before entering the room. Thereby, it automatically adjusts the room to desired temperature.

Properly insulated ducts means that there will lower heat transfer rate. This undoubtedly helps the cooling or heating system maintain the air at consistent temperature. On the other hand, return air duct serves as the system that helps extracting air from the room. With this basic understanding, it’s not difficult to see just how important ductwork is. You may also wonder how to make sure it works as it should. Among a few options, sealant becomes one of the most simple yet effective alternatives.

The Benefits Of Duct Sealant

When we talk about well designed DUCTWORK, we indirectly talk about properly sealed ductwork at the same time. Not only does it boost the performance of your cooling or heating system, it also makes your home a more energy efficient, safe, and comfortable place to live. The key to high functioning duct system is undoubtedly its sealing.

  • High quality indoor air

Fumes, dust along with other insulation particles may easily enter the duct system when it’s not properly sealed. When you are sealing your duct system, it will greatly reduce risk of leaks and polutants. The result is undoubtedly a better and improved air quality. Something that people with allergy and Asthma will always cherish.

  • Safety

Your air conditioner and heating system produce carbon monoxide during operation. With the release of potentially hazardous combustion gases, there is always risk of it entering your ventilation ssytem. Or worse, the dangerous gases are not expelled, but rather sucked back into your living space. If this happens, it will not only decrease the quality  of air, but also affect your and your family’s health.

  • Comfort

Properly sealing and insulating your duct system using high-quality sealant will undoubtedly help minimize common issues regarding comfort. When properly sealed, you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable weather in the house anymore !

Environmentally Friendly and Incredibly Affordable

Leaky duct system does not only make for inefficient cooling or heating system, but also increases your energy. With the skyrocketing energy used, the only impact we have to deal with goes far beyond your utility bills. The more energy we use means more generated pollution. By sealing your DUCTWORK, you  can reduce pollution and energy bills.