Ductwork Replacement

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Perhaps nothing better describes DUCTWORK quite like this particular old sayings. Out of sight, out of mind – and we often only acknowledge its importance the moment it breaks down. The fact that ductworks are hidden in either walls or ceilings becomes one of the reasons why we forget about it. But fail ductwork can be extremely dangerous. This article will discuss numerous ways to determine whether or not your ductwork needs replacements.


Particularly Dusty Home

If you are wondering why your home is particularly stuffy or dusty for the past few days, that’s your answer. Some people may not notice the dusty environment, but those with allergies will not mistake it. Allergies may flare up long before they notice their stuffy surrounding. This is largely due to improper sealing of your ducts. They may also be gaps or holes in your ducts that brings in dust from the outside. Another possibility is leaks in your carrying exhaust.


Smell Of Mildew

When you smell something funny emanating from your HVAC ducts, there is no mistaking it. That is the smell of mildew and there is only one possibility, mold. This is largely due to improper insulation that leads to condensation. Moist air that travels from the outside right through the cold ductwork is the biggest culprit that encourages mold growth. The result is none other than smelly air, that is not only disgusting, but also incredibly unhealthy. Get your DUCTWORK inspected right away.



Think your cooling or heating system has been more noisy than it usually is? A HVAC system typically runs quietly, and if it seems that yours has been exceptionally noisy, something must be off. The reason behind it is usually because of improper sizing. Your ducts may be too small for the system, or perhaps the problem lies in imbalance ducts. Regardless of which one is the case, the result is practically the same. Your HVAC system works harder and in the long run, drives up your energy bill.


Inconsistent Temperature

Another sign of a leak in your duct system is undoubtedly inconsistency and uneven air distribution. You may notice a part of your house much cooler or warmer than the rest. Leaky HVAC duct system can be traced to imbalance duct work. While there are other possibilites, when it comes to this issue, you are strongly advised to contact a HVAC professional in order to help correctly diagnose the problem.

If you encounter one of these things, you may want to tinker around with it on your own. However, we recommend to leave it to the professional to diagnose your DUCTWORK problem.