Ductwork Replacement Cost

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The role of DUCTWORK must not be a strange concept if you own an air-conditioning or central-heating system in your house. The cool or warm air are typically delivered to the vents which will then transport the air to each rooms. These vents systems are connected by a system called ducts. With its incredibly critical role, we must do maintenance on a regular basis and get a replacement when needed. But how much is the cost we have to pay to have it installed ?


The cost of ductwork installation

When we talk about the cost we have to pay in order to get it properly installed by professionals, the answer may vary. It may depend on where you live on this part of the world, and a lot of other aspects. While the cost may vary from one state to another, the cost of ductwork installation is typically based on the work to be done. The average cost of per linear foot of ducting that has to be done typically hovers around 35-dollers to 55-dollars. The aforementioned cost includes labor and materials.


An Average Total Estimate

During our interview with an owner of Air Duct Professionals in California, the establishment points out that they charge upward to 250-dollars for each duct run. As a rough estimate, for the average single family home, about 6 to 10 duct runs would be needed. Another establishment that focuses on construction yet offers ductwork installation or replacement charges dfferently.


The HVAC2U in Virginia typically charges upwards to 6,000-dollars. The installation or replacement itself may take 2 to 3 days with about 4 highly experienced crew members onsite. The HVAC2U pays its crew members with an hourly rate of about 250-dollars. Only need to replace  your damaged DUCTWORK? For this job, typically only 2 crew and 2-days are needed. This means you will have to pay a totale cost of 500-dollars for the installares including the materials used.


Another key factor that may affect your estimate cost is the accessibility of the ductwork system in your home. The one located in your attic crawl space is incredibly difficult and worse, it’s also protentially hazardous. With this level of difficulty, you are bound to pay higher than average. Next is undoubtedly the materials used. The type of duct materials needed may also affect your estimate. Among other options, the most affordable one is the flexible non-metallic DUCTWORK which costs 2-dollars per linear foot.