Ductwork Insulation Tips and Maintenance

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Ductwork insulation is important because it will be the way to bring out the heated air and clean up the excessive dust in the room or building. If your heating duct is not properly insulated or even not at all then it will rip your wallet. It will let the heated are to get inside the occupied room like garages, attics, and other crawl spaces. Typically, the heating ducts will be insulated with fiberglass blankets made of vinyl or backing foil named batts.

Batts are installed along the ductwork of foil tape in order to applying the insulation towards the return and supply ducts. Insulating and sealing the heating ductworks will help you to cut the energy bill up to 20%. This example is according to the estimation at Alabama Riviera Utilities. So, ensure the good ductwork insulation will help you to save the money.

Determine The Needed Insulation

You need to measure the duct’s circumference with a tape measure in order to determine the exact amount of insulation needed in your home. You need also to measure the length of the ductwork. In order to find out the exact number, you need to multiply those two figures. It is better to order more than the number you found in order to have overlaps at the supports and also for waste.

There are various thicknesses of batts. Thicker means better insulation.

Clean All Dust and Debris

There will be a lot of dust and debris. You need to clean them all using a hand broom. When inspecting the ductwork, you also need to look for small holes that create air blowing out of the joints. If you find one then seal it with duct tape, foil tape, or duct mastic before installing the insulation. Cheap silver duct tape is not recommended. You also cannot use rubber-based adhesive because it could brittle over time, not to mention the sensitivity towards heat.

Cut an Insulation Piece

The insulation piece can be cut off and make sure that the length could go around the ductwork. The insulation batt needs to be wrapped around the duct and make sure it overlaps each ends. In order to secure the batt together, you can tape it at the ends together. All you need to do for the rest is installing the next batt and tape it together. You cannot crush and compress the insulation because it will reduce the effectiveness of ductwork insulation.