Ductwork Fitting Tips

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Air circulation is very important in every household. Ductwork is a system commonly used for air circulation in your home. Get to know about ductwork fitting tips in this article.

Tips for Fitting Ducts

There are some useful tips you can apply to the most suitable ducts for your home air circulation, include:

  1. Easy tip to figure out the linear feet that meets the requirement of common duct of 25/ 35/ 45 for any possible size, you can add the height plus the width. After that, you should divide the result by 3. For instance, if the size is 36 inch then the calculation will be 36 inch + 36 inch = 72 inch ÷ 3 = 24. So, linear feet of the duct will be 24 inch.
  2. This is something common to happen if you find any leak on the duct. To find out whether the duct applied for your home air circulation is leak or not, you can spray the mixture of water and mild detergent directly to the duct area you suspect to crack or leak. Just keep in mind to focus on the quick bursting spots and just ignore the slow festering bubbles.
  3. Many believe that if you want to secure the duct frame of 25/ 35/ 45 and increase the structural value, you have to create space to the fastener up to 24 inch. But the fact, this is such a wrong belief since the act will increase the cost.
  4. If it comes to the discussion about picking up a suitable connector for a duct with round shape, many people believe that you have to be able to clasp both your hands around the item. If it is impossible for you to choose the round duct, the spiralmate can the best solution to opt. The spiralmate will be benefit more for you than the round one since it requires lower cost. Moreover, the spiralmate is best choice if you think that the running of the duct will be exposed. In addition, the spiralmate applied will help you to avoid additional cost you might to spend for sealant, time and labor.

All of the duct sealants available in the market are not similar. If you choose the one that can dry quickly, it can cause serious problem in the future operation. You need to be careful since the quick dry of duct sealant can make it lose its