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DUCTWORK installation is perhaps one of those things that only cross your mind when you need it. A lot of people are unaware of the importance, or worse the existence, of ductwork installation. For that reason, we will discuss all you need to know about ductwork and give you a few recommendations.

Ductwork, redefined

Used for airflow distribution from cooling or heating system throughout the house, ductwork holds such an important role. To distribute airflow, air must be sucked throughout every corner of the house into the air conditioner or heater. Once inside, the air is either cooled or heated before being pushed back to the living space through the ducts.

Your intake and output hold incredibly critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of your ductwork. Without them, along with proper design of return vents, the equilibrium and the air pressure of your cooling and heating system will not work. The climate control and efficiency will suffer over time. This is the primary reason why DUCTWORK is very important, and maintenance is more than necessary.

Your home cooling and heating systems produce carbon monoxide on the side. This harmful gas is transferred to the outside of your house through the ductwork system. If the vents or pipes are obstructed, it may find its way into the house, affecting air quality and also the health of your family. Fortunately the chance of getting monoxide leaks can be eliminated by regular maintenance.

Importance of Ductwork installation and recommendation

When your ductwork is properly installed, you know you have an incredibly efficient powerhouse in your property. Not only does it ensure comfort in both hot and cold weather, it also ensures proper temperature regulation in the house. However, many people are unaware of the importance of proper installation. Shoddy ductwork installation does not only cause discomfort, but also more serious problems.

Sealing the seams found between the insulation and duct pieces is a simple trick to ensure proper installation. Sizing is another thing that is considered important. If the size of your ductwork does not match your air conditioner and heater, issues may appear. Are you encountering one of these problems? It’s time to get your replacement. See below for our Ductwork recommendations at Lowe’s.

  • 4-inch x 96-inch Lambro Aluminum Semi-Rigid Flexible Duct
  • 6-inch x 25-foot Imperial Insulated Polyester Flexible Duct
  • 4-inch x 96-inch Lambro Foil Flexible Duct

6-inch x 25-foot Imperial Insulated Polyester Flexible Duct, only at DUCTWORK section at Lowes.