What is Ductwork ?

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Ductwork installation is one thing that you have to consider well if you are thinking of building or remodeling a project.  How much you need to spend for the duct?

What is Ductwork ?

Before we go further with ductwork installation cost you need to spend, it will be better if we talk about what kind of work it is first. Ductwork is a system especially designed if you need to distribute the flow of the air for your cooling or heating system to all of parts of your home. This system requires you to suck the air through all parts of the house to the air or heater conditioner. This is a place where the air will be cooled or heated. The air will be pushed back to the whole parts of the house through the ducts. The input and output of the air is crucial for to smooth the run of the ductwork operation. The proper installation of duct is very important since the incorrect appliance will cause the air pressure of the cooling and heating system will be instantly off.

How Much Should You Spend?

So, how much you have to spend for the ductwork installation cost in average? Well, for national average the cost of duct installation generally reaches up to $1.100. But how much exactly you have to pay will depend on the location where you live and the total amount of vents you need for the air circulation. Meanwhile, the typical range for the installation will normally reach $481 up to $1.817. Furthermore, the low end of the installation cost is about $150 while the high end is approximately $3.900. In general, it can be concluded that total amount you have to spend for the installation cost is about $3.000 – $5.000 at minimum. But if you have large house which probably needs more vents, then the money you have to spend is about $10.000 or even more. Meanwhile, if you intend to replace your broken duct, the cost of installation you need to spend is about $35 up to $55 in general for each linear foot. But the price can be vary depends on the duct’s level of damage, number of vents, home size, accessibility, and temperature facts. So, it is very important for you to check all things first before starting the duct installation process. This can help you to count the money you should spend for the installation.